Linda Close R.N. C.H.N.

Healing Chi Kung

Monument CO 80132

Linda Close, Qigong practitioner
Chi is the key


Chi (Qi) means life energy

Kung (Gong) means cultivation and its benefits.

Integrate your mind, body, emotion, and spirit with Healing Chi Kung! There are more benefits of Healing Chi Kung to discover. This gentle practice is open to people of all abilities, all ages, all belief systems and life circumstances.

Individual Treatments and Group Classes are available.

Your guide on this pathway to improved health is Linda Close. She has been active in the healing profession since 1981, and she has integrated traditional medicine with Chinese and holistic medicine. She uses Healing Chi Kung as well as Neuromuscular Stress Release techniques. She was elected to the governing board of the National Chi Kung Association in July, 2013.

member of the National Qigong Association


Call Linda at (719) 481-3394 or (719) 231-4039 for an appointment
240 Beacon Lite Road
Monument CO 80132

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